Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about DreamSpark Press. 

What is the Empowerment Publishing Model that DreamSpark utilizes?

There are three things out of any author’s control when it comes to their books: shipping costs, printing costs, and distributor costs. Over the years, we’ve witnessed how unpredictable those 3 elements can be in making a difference with the net royalties (amount leftover after a book sale once distributor costs, printing costs, and shipping costs have been deducted). When an author publishes with a traditional publisher, for example, many may receive only pennies due to the 85% royalties that the traditional publisher will take from a printed book.

Due to this, DreamSpark Press has moved to an Empowerment Model, meaning we will help the author publish their book and have it distributed under a reputable imprint while guiding them on how to successfully market their book in exchange for an upfront fee vs. taking a large percentage of their royalties. We believe earning power is unlimited and help the authors with strategies to do this, in hopes that they will make far more with this model and be successful in the greatest impact their book can make.

Can you tell me what my net royalties will be or how much printing costs will be in advance?

We will not have an estimate of printing costs or estimated royalties until the book is fully composed and ready for printing to receive the quote.

How much in royalties will I earn or how many books will I sell?

We cannot estimate how many books you will sell. Any publisher or experienced author will tell you that the responsibility primarily rests with the author on book sales. The author has to be invested in selling their book. The difference between authors who sell over a thousand books per month and others who sell 10 per month is directly related to how visible they’re willing to be in sharing their book. We are constantly giving our clients marketing strategies and visibility education and guidance, but it’s up to them to implement it. We have monthly brainstorming sessions to help you make the greatest impact possible with your story, which correlates with book sales.